Вестник Академии Гостеприимства:

The National Hospitality Academy has the great potential and experience on promotion of the companies, production and services in market of horeca.

The Academy of Hospitality constantly realizes set of projects and actions for promotion of products, services and the companies in the market of the industry of hospitality. These projects and actions varies from different degree of integrated approach, amount of a target audience, place and geography of realization. However, all of them have bright and outstanding character, high degree of interest of a target audience, powerful direct and long-term effect. Customers of such projects are and widely known both domestic and foreign companies and trademarks, and new -for the present little-known- companies. Some of realized by the Academy of Hospitality projects have obtained all-Russia acceptance and are awarded with prestigious premiums as the best professional promotion actions of a year.

The potential of partnership for successful promotion of the various goods and services in market HoReCa consists in:

  • considerable authority of Academy among the enterprises of the industry of hospitality;
  • large target audience of Academy are the persons, who accept the decisions on a choice of suppliers and purchased production - heads of hotels, restaurants, clubs;
  • knowledge of requirements and inquiries of the restaurants` and hotels` owners and managers;
  • presence of exclusive means of promotion, for example: "Higher Culinary Courses", thematic training masters - classes for directors and chiefs - cooks of restaurants, business programs at regional exhibitions etc.;
  • presence of own and partner mass-media and exhibition associations;
  • maintenance of an actual database about the enterprises of the industry of hospitality;
  • the adjusted regional contacts;
  • large quantity of old and reliable partners;
  • interesting outstanding professional events which provide full life to professional community.

Within the framework of the program of complex promotion of the goods and services Academy:

  • carries out the advertising company of the action and dispatch of personal invitations of interesting target audience;
  • chooses a necessary place of realization of the action and provides required amount of participants of the action;
  • develops techniques and carries out the original ways of studding-presentation actions for promotion of companies` production;
  • organizes and carries out testing production of a food line by conducting chiefs - cooks of Russia and foreign countries;
  • provides qualitative realization of measures devoted to promotion sector`s HoReCa production and services by the highest level professionals, who have considerable authority in the target audience;
  • distributes among the enterprises of the industry the information about carrying out actions devoted to goods` and services` promotion.

Examples of the carried out promo actions are:

  • masters-classes of the Russian and foreign chiefs-cooks and confectioners (for example, "Fashionable dishes of autumn-winter season at restaurant with use of hi-tech products ", "Desserts at restaurants of high kitchen. Desserts from ice-cream and decoration", "Variants of presentations of dishes at restaurant in techniques flambé and fondue", "Culinary preferences of gourmets. Delicacies of a southwest of France" etc.);
  • gastronomic practical works in an interactive format;
  • coffee salon with participation of European Association Specialty of Coffee S.C.A.E.;
  • the International competitions of chiefs - cooks of the countries of Baltic Sea on the Cup "The Baltic culinary star", among participants - chiefs - cooks and leading experts from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Russia and Poland;
  • competitions of professional skill "Precious dishes of Saint Petersburg”;
  • a business forum "Universities of profitable hospitality";
  • gastronomic salon "Culinary Olympus";
  • the annual congresses of the owners and managers of restaurants and hotels of northwest region of Russia;
  • festivals of national cuisines of series " World culinary collection".

* The Academy of Hospitality is the honorary member of Association of Eurotoques of Finland.
* Academy has honorable diplomas from professional community of chiefs - cooks of Germany.
* Participates and is the prize-winner of European competitions of chiefs - cooks of Finland and Latvia.
* Participants of Academy`s of Hospitality combined team of chiefs – cooks are the winners and prize-winners of the Cooking and Service Championship of Russia.